Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Sony PS3 Slim

Sony PS3 finally has come true. We have therefore a new home console whose main novelty is the radical change of design in the sense that it has seriously reduced their size. Specifically we can talk about the new PS3 Slim is 33% smaller, 36% lighter and reduce its energy consumption by 34%.
Sony's new console will take a 120 GB hard drive and the same features and functions of the PS3, ie Blu-Ray reader, two USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI.

The price of the new PS3 Slim will be 299 euros, very attractive at this time. The same will have to pay for previous models, as cut and is effective. To buy the new PS3 will have to wait until the first week in September.

The clock on the PlayStation 3 'thought' that 2010 was a leap

The clock on the PlayStation 3 console thinks that 2010 is a leap year and therefore did not recognize the date Monday 1 March. This is the official explanation that this morning Sony has given the problem that yesterday halted million consoles worldwide. Sony has issued this morning the reason for the problem and recommended that if the console still does not recognize the correct date is corrected manually, moving from March 1 to March 2, or go to the console tutorial online. What did not happen in 2000 has now suffered the PlayStation 3 in its pre-2009 models and does not affect the versions Slim. Sony gives terminate the conflict. But some of his customers do not consider the matter closed. In the official blog of the console have already appeared several messages exigiendouna compensation of some kind. In one, a surfer explains that it has filed a complaint at the municipal office of consumer information. Other surfers doubt that success can be ordered with any compensation

It all started at zero hours yesterday. But even after six in the evening, Sony offered the first official version of the problem. Then the company released a statement stating that "we believe we have found that the problem is being caused by an error in the functionality built into the system clock." This error meant, according to the company, the system date back to January 1, 2000 and could not be updated. Also not kept the trophies won at games and prevented enjoy some games downloaded from PlayStation Store. Sony said it expected to solve the problem in the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, recommended to the owners of a PlayStation that was not the Slim model, which did not show this defect, do not use it to prevent the management could impede the recovery of the data now lost.

Since morning, the Internet was filled with the testimonies of thousands of players who saw their PlayStation 3 stopped working when connecting to the PlayStation Network service. A notice mentioning the 8001050F error, which has disabled the console and restarted the schedule for the December 31, 1999 in the United States and the January 1, 2000 in Europe and Asia. According itespresso, the ruling would have caused much of the PS3 stop working and a lot of data stored on them, as the items and trophies will be erased.

Meristation said the ruling would not stop access to PlayStation Network, the items were damaged, could not access or online demos or downloadable content from PlayStation Store, the date of the console was not modified and showed some games in the collection trophies.

In a first report yesterday morning, Sony said they were aware that "some users" had a connection problem "when trying to access the PlayStation Network. Those of you that you have the new model of PS3 (PS3 Slim 120GB or 250GB) seems unaffected. We are currently working to restore service as top priority, and will update this information as needed. Sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and your continued support. To follow the Be-minute information aware of Twitter, where we will update the situation as soon as possible "

In 01net told that was impossible to launch, even in offline mode, games like Heavy Rain and Darksiders, and the titles downloaded. The console's internal clock refused to pass the March 1 and crashed. According 01net, the problem is not solved trying to introduce new parameters on the clock because the cause would be in the console manager program.

The dispute recalls the so-called 2000-ten years ago which alarmed the whole industry to a possible computer problem with the change of digits from 1999 to 2000. Either because they worked proactively in resolving the problem or because the size was not announced, the date arrived without major problems detected. To a lesser extent feared that something similar could occur in January this year. What is most surprising is that the reason for the problem of the console is in the month of February and that in very beginning, PlayStation has to recognize leap years, and those who are not.

Nor faltaronn sarcasm. In a video posted on YouTube was proposed as a remedy plug off the PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox. A blog maintained by game developers, stated that the Playstation machines on which they work also had an endless error and suspected a problem with the computer clock.

Sony officially announced a new PS3 - Slim price is 99,800,002 yen

Sony August 18 local time, "Gamescom Expo" at a press conference held in Cologne, Germany prior to the opening of the new lot of rumors have been flying PS3 officially announced, a more affordable price announced a price of 299 dollars to meet consumer desire.

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Chief Executive's (CEO) Mr. Kazuo Hirai, the announcement made on stage, "PLAYSTATION 3" (PS3) in "with a new model," said that .

The new PS3 will be on sale in stores in North America from September 1, price 299 dollars (the price in other areas 99,800,002 yen or 299 euros) will be. Hirai, the new PS3 for the traditional "old" PS3 but with the same functionality, size 33 percent smaller and 36% has been achieved and lighter, and will be equipped with HDD capacity of 120G bytes has been said.

Sony's new PS3 to achieve a new form factor, the internal design structure, "ranging from semiconductors and power supply cooling to the main unit," suggests that there was completely redesigned. The new PS3 is 45 nm new (nm) of a Cell has been running on the processor, the current PS3 has adopted 60nm in speed as the processor, but have been achieved power saving is smaller and more . Sony said Thursday on the new PS3's power is reduced to two-thirds as important, "has led to the reduction of fan noise" he said.

In addition, Sony, as had been rumored before, PS3's revamped logo design. In addition, PS3's brand name "PLAYSTATION 3" from the "PlayStation 3" has been changed.

The current 80G-byte and 160G as well as models of bytes, 120G new byte PS3, the wireless LAN and two functional USB is equipped with ports (however, the downside is adding infrared communication function is miokuri are.) The PS3's HDD is new, "easier access to" changes to the front side with body position, within the warranty was to allow HDD replacement and upgrades (just remove the screw HDD by simply detaching it is possible.) If there's one new PS3 features missing, Linux and another OS that is unable to install. Sony has postponed the new PS3 with this feature.

The PS3 so far, then it was possible to place it vertically next to the standard body. The new PS3, you buy at the time was not only supports horizontal, corresponding to stand upright only 24 dollars.

Niċ½“Tatte new PS3 launch, Sony has a firmware upgrade to 3.0, 80G bytes and 160G are also set out plans to cut prices to sell dollars and 399 dollars to 299-byte model.